Arielle Apfel is a director, producer and editor whose work is comprised of surreal quirky comedies and avant-garde thrillers, stories which aim to capture the quandaries of her generation infused with humor and grit. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Apfel studied film theory and direction at the American University of Paris, earning her BA in Film Studies in 2009. Continuing her studies abroad, she obtained her Masters in filmmaking from the London Film School in the United Kingdom. Arielle's thesis film, 'A Chick Called Wanda', won BEST COMEDY at NY SHORTS and won AUDIENCE FAVORITE at Iron Mule Comedy Festival. Her films have played at Light House International Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Woodshole Film Festival and have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Brooklyn Vegan and Atwood Magazine. Her first feature script, which was co created with Johnna Scrabis, was accepted into Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition in 2017 and was awarded a 2018 Made In New York Fellowship. 

Press: A Chick Called Wanda

The London Film School


Jon Ronson ( The Men Who Stare at Goats, Frank, The Psychopath Test)

It’s so assured and funny and understated and well observed. I love all that self-regarding small talk throughout. I think you captured the beautiful narcissists of Brooklyn brilliantly. Bravo!

DC Short Film Festival: 

I found this work refreshing in it's depiction of life in a city where everything is represented as "back to nature", but in fact nothing is. When the protagonist attempts to change her life to be more connected with nature, she meets with disappointment in a comical way. This film is unique in both its subtle observational styling and thoughtful representation of a woman existing calmly in an unsatisfying life, but yearning for more. The filming is crisp and the acting is satisfying. The subtlety and humor in this work will be welcomed by the DC Shorts audiences. It is a smart, thoughtful and enjoyable work.


There is a pathos in this short which is real and well acted by Scrabis. The title is great ! The synopsis was one of the best that we have read. The music is creative linked to the story line. The pacing was also very well done. The dialogue was succinct, and at times entertaining and at other times, rather wrenching in her loneliness. It was very well done, capturing the emptiness in Finn's life that she wanted to fill with a "pet." It is poignant, funny, realistic, heartwarming and sad, and very well done.

Brooklyn Vegan on Darkness

Darkness is an example of the sweet spot where homage meets invention. Indebted to Argento’s unique vision of horror (specifically his rich, detailed use of color) but managing to create a unique cinematic world, the video conjures a profound sense of fear and unease. This is coupled also with an almost involuntary wonder at the cleanliness and precision of the compositions. It all works beautifully with the music as well, which is legitimately eerie and haunting, aided immensely by Dani Mari’s ethereal vocal work. Simply put, it’s a rare, cool thing to see something executed this carefully, especially if you’re a horror fan.